Welcome to Champagne for All Occasions.

Champagne for All Occasions is inspired by Madame Lily Bollinger’s famous quote reported in the London Daily Mail in October 1961. If this quote inspires you, please enjoy the website!

My aim is to ensure you will have the maximum enjoyment from this sparkling beverage of choice. I believe any occasion worth celebrating should be accompanied by Champagne.

Some say, and I fully agree, that when one opens a bottle of Champagne it will become a special occasion!

Do you know Champagne is the only beverage you can match with food from breakfast right through to dessert? Champagne may be enjoyed at any time during the day whether paired with food during a meal or without food as an aperitif.

I want you to learn and discover a little about these special bubbles but more importantly to enjoy the experiences and memories that will come with every bottle of Champagne you choose for that noteworthy occasion.

Please enjoy, preferably with a glass of Champagne!

Nicole Smith